Using this form you can sign up to the Refugees Welcome Polska programme. The aim of this programme is to help refugees in Poland to live in the flats and houses of Polish people.

If you would like to participate in the programme, please register filling out this form – we need your answers to find the accommodation that suits you the best. Please complete all the fields and click submit.

We will contact you as soon as it is possible.

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Please note that currently we only seek for accommodation in Warsaw and its suburbs.
If you are interested in living in another Polish city, we could only try to help you to get in touch with other non-governmental organization which works in your area.

*I am seeking accommodation in Warsaw or its suburbs.*I am seeking accommodation in another Polish city.

If other options are unavailable, could you live in a flat or a house in the suburbs of Warsaw?*

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If you are a friend or social worker - please fill in your own contact information here.
Important: Please do not register more than one person at once!

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After sending this form, we will put your data in our database of refugees who are looking for accommodation. If a flat owner, who speaks the same language as you do and suits you in other ways, signs up on our site, we will try to help you to move in with him or her.

If you don't know how the Refugees Welcome programme works, please read the information below:
Refugees Welcome Polska is a project which help refugees and asylum seekers to find shared accommodation with Poles. People who want to improve housing situation of refugees and asylum seekers and have an apartment or a house with a room available can register on our website. After we receive a registration, we schedule a meeting with an apartment owner in order to talk with them about the programme and check the conditions of the room registered.

Whenever we receive a registration from the person who seeks such form of accommodation, we schedule a meeting as well. Such meeting takes place between a person who send his or her registration, a coordinator of our programme and one of our volunteers. Within Refugees Welcome Polska programme, each refugee or asylum seeker is offered an assistance of a volunteer, so-called 'buddy'. Buddy is participant's first contact, providing help in daily matters, such as getting to know the city, learning Polish etc.

If there is a suitable room available, we schedule a meeting for an apartment owner and refugee to meet. If everything goes well and both parties are still interested in living together, we accompany them for the whole time of the a tenancy agreement (depending on the contract it is 3, 6 or 12 months).

Important note: The minimum time that we need to find accommodation is about 4-5 weeks. If we currently don’t have an offer that suits you, this might take much longer. Unfortunately we can’t ensure you that we will find accommodation for you. Please don’t stop looking for accommodation on your own. Also, we are not able to contact every refugee signing in to our project, neither can we find a place for every refugee that we meet in person.

* I have read and understood how the Refugees Welcome programme works.

* I agree to the processing of my personal data listed above by the Refugees Welcome Polska team.

PLEASE NOTE: We care about the privacy of refugees, hosts and other people that register via our website. We treat personal data as confidential and only team members have access to it. This rule also applies to the media. We contact hosts and refugees with media only in cases of mutual consent.