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Why shouldn’t refugees be able to live in shared flats or other normal housing situations instead of being excluded from society in mass accommodations? We wondered the same thing, and figured out a way to make it happen.
How does it work?
Schritt 1: Anmeldung eures freien Zimmers

Fristly, you register a house or a flat, in which you have a spare room that you are willing to lease. We simply need basic information on your housing situation.

Schritt 2: Kontaktherstellung

When we receive your registration, we will contact you and then put you in touch with a person who fled to Poland.

Schritt 3: Finanzierung

If it's necessary, we will help to co-finance the rent of your new flatmate.

Schritt 4: Gemeinsam wohnen

 Your new flatmate will move in! And we will continue to support you throughout whole duration of the lease contract.

Why you should care?

Are you unhappy with the condition of refugees in Poland? Are you interested in doing something about it? Do you have a free room in your house or a flat?

Why do we care?

We are convinced that refugees should not be stigmatized and excluded by being housed in mass accommodations. Instead, we should offer them a warm welcome. Here, in Poland.

We believe we can establish a more humane culture of welcoming refugees, even on a small scale!

What could you do?

Get involved! Sign up and help us share the idea that refugees are welcome here, in Poland.  

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If you have a spare room in your house or flat, register it on our website. Soon we will schedule a meeting to walk you through all the steps of the Refugees Welcome programme.


If you would like to support our initiative financially, register as a donor. Your support will help refugees to finance their rent. It can be a one-time donation or a regular one, substantial or small, each zloty matters!


Do you have a bit of time? Would you like to spend it on helping others? Become a volunteer for Refugees Welcome nad help refugees feeling at home. Every now and then, everyone needs a helping hand.


Due to the development of the Refugees Welcome Polska programme and current political situation which hinders our chances for the government financing, we have decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign. To this day we have managed to carry 18 moves. Owing to your support our programme can reach a bigger number of people in need.
We ask for your support which would enable us to continue assisting refugees and asylum-seekers in integration with Polish culture and society.
Support our initiative at:

1. Anmeldung Eures freien Zimmers 1.Signing Up Your Flat

Housing refugees in private accommodation brings advantages for both sides: refugees are able to live in adequate accommodation, learn the language better, and adjust to the new environment more easily. You, on the other hand, will get to know a different culture and help a person in a difficult situation. If you want to take part in this, sign up here. We will put you in touch with a refugee who fits you and your flat. When you register your flat we ask for some details about your living situation, such as the number of flatmates, the languages you speak, your city and the district you live in etc.. This information will help us match hosts with refugees and vice versa..

2. Kontakt herstellen2. Getting in touch

After you sign up, with the help of an external organisation who works with refugees in your city, we will find a suitable flatmate for you. We will put you in touch so you can get to know each other better. The entire process consits of several meetings, both with volunteers and the refugee, thanks to which we can answer as many questions as possible and finalize the formalities. If both sides are happy, the refugee will move in shortly after. In our FAQ we explain the details of the entire procedure..

3. Finanzierung starten3. Starting the funding

There are many options to finance the rent. Micro-donations are a pretty successful tool: several people provide small donations on a monthly basis. Those small sums amount to the entire rent required in the contract. We sent e-mail requests to friends and acquiantances, both ours and yours, and within a few weeks we ensure the rent for the first few months. However, you are responsible for maintining your micro-donation network. The committments range between 10 and 200zł per month, and you will receive them directly to your bank account. Another option is to use an established platform to crowdfund.

4. Es geht los!4. Here we go!

After you get to know each other, your new flatmate will move in. We will support you during this time and will be there for your questions. If possible, you can always approach a local refugee organisation, such as the matching body in your city. Many of these provide language courses, help with connecting to the community or provide support in the search for internships or admission to university classes.
Register your Flat Support us financially


Refugees Welcome International

Refugees Welcome began in Germany, but since then it has launched in Austria, Australia, Canada, Czechia, Greece, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, and Italy.

And that means that Refugees Welcome initiative operates in 14 countries!

Thanks to the Refugees Welcome International network we have managed to find homes -- both in and outside of Europe -- for refugees from Afghanistan, Albania, Algieria, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Eritrea, Gambia, Ghana, India, Iraq, Iran, Cameroon, Kenya, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Senegal, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia and Ukraine.

To this day we have helped to find shelter for over 900 people.

Since November 2016, Refugees Welcome Polska operates within the Ocalenie Foundation.

Ocalenie Foundation supports migrants and refugees in integration, working for an intercultural dialogue and strengthening the civil society. It is a public benefit organisation. It provides aid, education and support for cultural integration of foreigners living in Poland. Provided help is free of charge.

Due to the support of Ocalenie Foundation foreigners who participate in Refugees Welcome Programme have access to free Polish classes, guidance of cultural mentor and psychological and legal help.

Refugees Welcome Polska is one of the four statutory actions performed by the Foundation. The other are: Help Center for Foreigners, Cultural Education and the programme "Welcome Home".

More information on the Foundation:

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